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CMAA, Coastal Martial Arts Academy is Wilmington’s ONLY full family martial arts and fitness center.  Our new 10,000 square foot facility boasts almost 4000 square feet of martial arts training area, a 1500 square foot fitness center and over 4000 square feet of child care space, for after-school care and a full time summer camp.


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Coastal Martial Arts Academy is Wilmington’s premier martial arts training academy, for the entire family.  We have experienced unprecedented growth in our industry due to our family atmosphere and by genuinely caring about our students and their families.  This explosive growth and requests from those who live across town have resulted in the opening of our second CMAA location and what will be our third location in Shallotte, NC in 2014.

We are a traditional martial arts training academy and completely believe in the principles and curriculum of traditional martial arts.  We are not a “black belt mill” and each belt is earned only through regular attendance to scheduled classes, hard work and integrity in all you are as an individual.

CMAA operates under the Tenants of Coastal Martial Arts Academy, which are as follows:

Indomitable Spirit

These values are instilled in the  beginning the  first day of training and are a vital ingredient behind our success and value.  Students receive consistent support and positive reinforcement, from instructors, other students as well as family members of students.

We begin training children as early as age three and we firmly believe that martial arts training is the greatest single gift a parent can give their child.  We are highly experienced in teaching children with ADD, as well as those who fall under the autism spectrum.  CMAA has made great inroads with numerous children who suffer from these challenges.

Parents Remember:  The greatest single gift a parent can give their child is the gift of martial arts!